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Carefully read the following terms and conditions before taking any service

  • We only gives the services for the identification and treatment of miscarriage, black magic, jinnat and epilepsy as well as istakhara and we do not perform any kind of amal on anybody.
  • We cannot provide any kind of information about the person who did black magic on you.
  • We cannot provide any kind of information related to missing of something, lucky draw and stealing.
  • It is necessary for you to provide information about the different conditions of yourself during the treatment to your therapist.
  •  Healing is from Allah. We will work honestly to end your spiritual problems. We hope that the In Sha Allah  results will be good. Alhamdulillah our success rate is 99.% .
  • In case of failure, we do not offer any refund. 
  • During the treatment done by us if you go to another spiritual therapist then the services provided by us will be automatically blocked and you will not able to claim money back.
  • During the treatment if you do not gives us any feedback or let us know about your condition then all the services will automatically block and it will be resumed until and unless you contacts us yourself.
  • The meaning of permanent cure is the treatment from the day of starting that treatment for ending the effects of black magic and jinnat and in case of getting a victim of black magic again means you will have to again place a request for the treatment with new charges.
  • For the services of advanced magic protection of black magic, it is our responsibility to do free treatment until a specific date and time told but not doing the free identity of the problem.
  • If your black magic is not old, then all the created problems with it will automatically resolved. All the results are immediately shown. We are only responsible for ending the effects of black magic and if you have another medical related problem then you will have to take that treatment along with.
  • If the girl is not of age to born a child or a man have some kind of problem with reproductive system, sometimes both men and women are healed with medical and spiritual treatment but they fails to have a child then it is from Allah’s side, we cannot do anything in it.
  • If someone have got divorce because of black magic or you had faces some kind of financial loss because of black magic and jinnat then it will not happen again by taking the treatment.
  • If you are not in the age of marriage or have some kind of other issues along with like you are blind, dumb or physically sick from birth or is a victim of some psychological problem or is involved in the ailment of death or any kind of loss which cannot be solved by human then we can do only treatment from the verses of Quran on the name of patient, we do not perform any kind of amal through tawiz.
  • You will have to pay in advance for getting all the services.
  • We will not be responsible for not getting good results in case of providing wrong information.                                                                                                          Note: all the fees will be different for different ailments and patients as they varies according to patients.
  • Identification of any ailment or problem done by any other therapist will not be accepted. We will do our identification and will perform treatment if you will have any issue.