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We kindly request that you carefully review and understand the following terms and conditions before availing our services. At Shifa Ali, we specialize in providing spiritual remedies and treatments for a range of issues, including miscarriage issues, black magic removal, jinnat-related problems, epilepsy, and istakhara. It's essential to note that we do not engage in any form of amal (rituals) on behalf of our clients.

Limitations of Our Services

  • We do not disclose information about individuals responsible for performing black magic.
  • We do not provide information or assistance related to missing persons, lucky draws, or theft-related issues.

Patient Cooperation

  • To ensure effective treatment, it is crucial that you provide comprehensive information about your condition to our therapists.
  • We cannot provide any kind of information about the person who did black magic on you.
  • We cannot provide any kind of information related to missing of something, lucky draw and stealing.
  • It is necessary for you to provide information about the different conditions of yourself during the treatment to your therapist.
  • Healing is a divine process, and we commit to addressing your spiritual problems with utmost honesty and dedication. We sincerely hope for positive outcomes, and our track record boasts a remarkable success rate of 99%. Alhamdulillah!

No Refund Policy

  • Please be aware that we do not offer refunds in case of treatment failure.

Exclusive Services

  • If you seek treatment from another spiritual therapist while under our care, our services will automatically be terminated, and no refunds will be provided.
  • To continue receiving our services, it is vital to maintain open communication and provide regular feedback on your condition.

Permanent Cure

  • A permanent cure, in our context, refers to the complete elimination of the effects of black magic and jinnat. Should you become a victim of black magic again, a new treatment request with associated charges will be required.

Advanced Magic Protection

  • We offer free treatment for a specific period to protect against advanced black magic. However, this does not include free identification of problems.
  • We solely focus on eliminating the effects of black magic. Any other medical concerns should be addressed through appropriate medical treatment.

Divine Decisions

  • In cases where a person is unable to conceive, whether due to age or reproductive issues, we acknowledge that certain matters are in Allah's hands, and our treatments may not have an impact.

Assurance Against Recurrence

  • Our treatments are designed to prevent the reoccurrence of issues such as divorce due to black magic or financial losses caused by black magic and jinnat.

Limited Capabilities

  • For individuals with specific conditions, such as those who are not of marriageable age, or who have congenital disabilities, psychological issues, terminal illnesses, or insurmountable losses, we offer treatments through Quranic verses and prayers. We do not engage in amal through tawiz.


  • All services must be paid for in advance.

Accuracy of Information

  • We are not responsible for unsatisfactory results if you provide inaccurate or incomplete information about your condition.


  • Please note that fees for our services may vary based on the specific ailment or the unique circumstances of each patient.

Exclusive Identification

  • We exclusively conduct identification of ailments or problems and provide treatment only for issues we diagnose.

We appreciate your trust in Shifa Ali and look forward to assisting you in resolving your spiritual concerns. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.