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Magic is an act of Negative energies. The act of doing it is a big sin and it is strictly stopped in Islam. The solution of black magic can be seen in Surah FaLaq,The main purpose of sharing this information through this article is to bring your attention towards the treatment of your problems. There can be a secret reason behind your problems is Black Magic.

Before indicating the signs of black magic I wanted to clear one thing that some people says that in this modern age where all the solutions of all diseases are possible through medicines then to believe on these things is a kind of backwardness and illiteracy. It is not necessary that magic can effect on every person and all the problems can be because of black magic. It is not right to consider that all the problems are just because of magic. The reason behind these kind of problems is spiritual or medical can be explained by a tabeeb only. It is true that many diseases can be healed through medicines. But there are many disease are seen which are not getting healed through medicines, no medical test reveals the problem and then any person like us recites some verses of Quran in front of him and the disease gets healed. The meaning of saying is that the solution of medical problems is in medicines and the solution of spiritual problems is in spiritual treatment. Some symptoms of black magic are indicated below.


  • Changing the colure of eyes into grey colure
  • Having bad breath
  • Unexpected increase or decrease in weight
  • Unbearable headache
  • Having bad odour getting from body
  • Getting changes in voice
  • Getting a problem of not remembering anything
  • Getting forget everything at once
  • Getting changes in voices and languages
  • Drinking massive amount of water
  • Eating massive amount of food
  • Getting massive amount of changes in skin like dry skin, pimples, dark spots etc.
  • Harming yourself or putting cuts on different parts of body
  • Having blackouts
  • Having extreme body pain throughout the day
  • Want to cry unnecessary
  • To stay ill despite of clearing all the medical tests
  • Constant back pain
  • Constant pain in stomach, kidneys
  • Having a feeling of inclination of needles and nails
  • Having a feeling of running insects on body
  • Being fit by medical reports but not having ability of child in males
  • Feeling of being sleepy all time
  • Massive constant increase or decrease in blood pressure this can be happen because of jinnat
  • Having blood vomits after a feeling of being pressed something in heart or lungs (it is because of becoming a reason for sudden death)

There are massive shirr symptoms that can badly affect the financial status and conditions of a person. Some of them are shortly briefed below.


  • Doing huge amount of struggle but gets fail in everything
  • Having extreme bad luck in everything
  • Getting financial loss in everything that is started
  • Getting financial loss in everything that is owned like home, business or property
  • Getting stop at one point in life and having no improvement or progress

The discussed above are some black magic symptoms. Some symptoms of black magic in Islam are discussed below.


  • Having more than one miscarriages
  • Getting failure in marriage or in any other relationship
  • Having hateful feelings for a particular place, person or thing.
  • Getting sudden changes in attitudes like moving from love to anger
  • Getting failure every time in building a happy relationship
  • Having problems in getting married or engaged
  • Having no child after longer duration of marriage

The victim of black magic can also experience some negative impacts on mental status of individual’s life. Some of the black magic symptoms in Islam that are indicated in victim’s lives are mentioned below.

Mental States

  • Constant depression
  • Emotional imbalance, extreme range of anger
  • Paranoia means having a feeling of being watched or caught
  • Having unreasonable fear for going out of home
  • Staying constantly unsatisfied with life
  • Constantly sadness, hopelessness
  • Having a feeling of shadows in surroundings
  • Having a feeling of being locked the door while actually there was nothing
  • Becoming very sensitive and touchy about smells and fragrances
  • Having a feeling of being dirty every time
  • Feelings of having negativity or negative energy
  • Being afraid all the time from everything even from water

Sleeping Habits

  • Oversleeping or insomnia
  • Having nightmares on regular basis
  • Flying in air
  • Watching sea, oceans and mountains in nightmares
  • Watching animals, loin, dog, wild animals, snake, lizard, cat, big animals, monkey, camel, etc
  • Having a feeling of someone sleeping next to yourself
  • Listening the voices of loud laughter and crying
  • Watching someone to following you in nightmare
  • Watching naked scenes
  • Watching yourself to drop down from longer distance
  • Watching yourself in isolated place, graveyard
  • Forgetting the nightmares after waking up
  • Watching yourself to be eating something and after waking up having a taste of that
  • Watching something special related to another religion like father of christens


  • Having extreme intention for destruction
  • Being a victim of frequent accidents
  • Constant trouble in life
  • Hearing sudden strange voices in surroundings frequently
  • Hearing voices of being called their name frequently and unexpectedly
  • Liking and doing encouragement to those who are willing to do bad things
  • Getting away from pious things
  • Being over sensitive for being over cleanliness/dirtiness
  • Speaking in a language that is unknown for the person himself like a foreign language
  • Doing bad things for teasing others
  • Having multiple drops of water and blood at clothes and home
  • Having multiple cuts at clothes and hair

Symptoms of black magic (kala jadu) can be shown on anybody, from any race, any religion, any culture, any country and any city. It is important that the person who is suffering from the signs of black magic (kala jadu) should be healed.