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What is Black Magic?

It is about a practice used by people in ancient times. In Islam it is seen that it is also a part of magic which is used for performing harmful and inappropriate actions which puts negative impact on society. It is mostly done by putting knots on the names of victim and they can control the minds of people, they can put them in serious sickness and they can even destroy their whole career. Allah has said in Surah Falaq:

“And from the evil of those who blow on knots”

The very first thing is to understand the thing that is putting negative impacts on life is black magic, something related to Jinn or witch or sihr which is the effect of evil eye or nazar. The protection spells of black magic spell, sihr, or jinn effect is little bit different from each other.

How spells of Black Magic comes?

There are multiple ways through which one can become a victim of black magic spell some of them are mentioned in below.

  • Eating or drinking something which is poisoned by black magic spell in this way black magic puts bad impact on stomach or mind
  • By walking through some litter or rubbish on which spell of black magic was thrown by cursed.
  • Black magic spell can also be thrown on the clothes or hair of the victim

How many spells are?

There are different kinds of spells done on human for taking the revenge and in enmity of people. Some people use to put money spell on others which can badly effect the financial condition of people. The person who is facing money spell use to get loss in everything in which he invest, his business gets in loss, his property gets sold and he faces destruction in everything related to money.

There is another type of white magic spell which is related to marriage spell. In this marriage spell victim is forced not to get married. Different kinds of hurdles are placed in the way. Victim use to face rejection from every side. Many financial crises comes in the way for putting marriage spell.

How spell of magic can be measured?

  • Facing severe headache all time
  • Constant pain in different parts of body
  • Felling shallow or emptiness
  • Having constant arguments with friends, family and other people
  • Getting involved in negative things despite of having positive and good character
  • Constant hair fall
  • Having difficulties in breath
  • Facing frequent refusals from marriage
  • Getting violent
  • Doing disobedience from Allah and his orders
  • Sudden increase or decrease in weight

Spells of Sihr

  • Seizures or fits of epilepsy
  • Irregular periods
  • Miscarriages
  • Having multiple evil and negative thoughts
  • Uncontrollable desires
  • Felling the pain of burning at different parts of body
  • Hearing multiple voices in loneliness’
  • Having multiple nightmares

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