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Breathlessness Causes

Shortness of breath, or dyspnoea is a disease which is related to uncomfortable condition of a person who feels difficulty in taking breath and getting full air into his lungs.There are several breathlessness causes. There is also a possibility of having some problems in lungs and heart can also be possible for getting difficulty for having breath difficulties. There is also possibility of having shortness of breath because of some spiritual problems as it is possible to do some mistake unintentionally with some negative and evil forces like ghosts. They start following humans and teasing them for getting revenge. 

There are two ways which are mostly used by evil forces for teasing humans. First they start to appear in front of human in different shapes and ways which can be easily understandable by humans to identify evil forces. The second secret way used by evil forces is to tease and disturb human life in the shape of some disease as they do not appear in front of human. Consequently, people start using multiple medicines for getting release from these diseases and do not understand the root of these diseases. As a result people fails in getting release from their ailments and their money, time and health is also wasted. Having dyspnoea is also an ailment which is the result of some evil forces.

Some people asks dyspnoea is only an effect of some kind of magic done on them but it is absolutely wrong. There is no hand of magic in having breathlessness it is just because of some evil forces who are interrupted by human unintentionally in their works and they start taking revenge from them.

Duration of dyspnoea

Some people experiences shortness of breath for longer and some for shorter period of time. It varies from person to person. This ailment can effect to any person of any age. The person having breathlessness seems physically ok but evil forces are teasing him time to time. It is also seen that the person having shortness of breath seem to have all clear medical test reports. No problem is shown in the medical tests. But victim is seen to have difficulty in taking breath in sleep. It is also seen that if evil forces attacks more severely then, the person can have some seizures also. 

Many doctors use to claim that this problem is a result of severe depression and they use to give several medicines containing different drugs which are helpful for calming the person and giving them sleep for longer periods of time. But nowadays every person use to have multiple tensions and depression in their lives they why they do not have this dyspnoea. Doctors do not accept the existence of any negative forces hence they consider this problem a kind of depression related ailment. 


If you are facing this problem in your daily life frequently you should visit a doctor but don’t forget to take opinion from a spiritual therapist as it is possible that you are just wasting your efforts, time, money and health in taking wrong treatment and you may have some other kind of disease like effect of some evil forces like ghosts. We can give you a short demo also for all the services provided by us along with money back guarantee. 

If you keep taking only medicines and do not take any opinion from any spiritual therapist then it is possible that you may get healed for one disease by medical treatment but you cannot be healed completely as the negative forces will start teasing you by another way in the form of another disease. Hence it is very important to take spiritual treatment for complete healing and getting back into daily happy life.