The existence of Magic there is a group of educated people which are pried in doubt about the Magic and Ghost in their reviews there is no possibility through reading or writing on a paper of any person the life of any other person health marriage life love or hate could be changed. They are unable to accept that a person can control the mind of and the Heart through a secret procedure of any person through this health and disease , love in to hate, hate in to love, prosperity in to disprosperity and live in to death could be change. Strangely the religious spillers also refused like as eurpeion scholar. They built them self under the shadow of oneness of God and they think to refused as religious. In the light of their reviews the acceptance of the existence of Magic is agonist the oneness of the God. As it is the refusal of this is part of their religion.

Some peoples are refused to accept this as like it is a part of oneness of God and the Tawaqul of Allah. This term only produced why in the Magic yet every act is with the will of Allah. May Allah does not control the the system of universe? Do you believe that every act is from Allah yet no putting the seed in the field if it is so there is no necessity of plowing and seeding yet the plowing of the seed is the against of Tawaqul.

Do you adopted this theory about the you children. If the God has to gift the children then their is need for marriage? and if it is tradition of the world then refection with the wife is against the Tawaqul.

Do you apply the Tawaqul in the disease and accident etc When the God had to provide the recovery then why we should consult to the doctor? And we know that you should not follow the oneness of God and artificial Tawaqul. Where as you utilize the hole resource and subject as wel as will of God and it is not against the oneness of the Allah and Tawaqul. Why you not obey the orders of almighty Allah in holy Quran and the holy statement of PUBH about the artificial Tawaqul and the translation of oneness of Allah about the Magic. Our senses demand for justice yet you should have to refuse it are follow the both ways oneness of allah and Tawaqul. We will try our best to explain the reality through holy Quran and sunnah. It could be a argument for the life and death.


there is shar which was requested to almighty Allah for saving describe in surah AL Falaq varse Number 2: spite of this verse number 57 to 69 of Surah TAHA. in The Holy Quran The Verse Number 117 to 122 of Surah AL-HARAF and the different points The Almighty Allah ordered to accept the Magic of Reality.

as the length of the verses we are avoiding to translate the wisher of research can study these verses. Normally the history of any thing is to old then we say the history of that thing is to long as it is human being but when the translation of history of the effect and jugelation the word oldest seem as little and this word cannot meet the stress of the history of effect of jeglation. because the history of sorcery is grater then human beings. The Prophet Adam A.s engaged in sorcery on putting his holy foot on the earth. Indeed the earth was full engaged with the sorcery and the worst activity of sorcery before the arrival of Prophet Adam a.s.