harzat abhraim was the forefather of bniisrial and bineismail and the father of thousands massager of Allah the grate precious and one of the most oldest personality of human benign. If we accepted the Aam-e-tawareekh and Toratt we find the relationship with the harzat nooh A.S within ten generation and relationship harzat nooh a.s and harzat adam a.s is the different of nine generation. So, on the difference of between harzat adam a.s and harzat ibrriam a.s are ninety-nine generation sourly it is not a bigger and longer period. Strangle we see that the pride of harzat ibhraim as is splendid and most educated. the follower of harzat ibhriam a.s find the peak of the magician and why not it is happened because it need hundreds years of pried and it contains to many generation to get the peak of the magician which was exercised to get the peek.


the follower of the bible are not controlled over the effect of magician they ware also hundred percent successes to made the ambition of effects of magician. the follower of the byble was not only lover and professional in magician but they are proved the dignity and grate approach. So on the follower of the bible believer that the stars has play a big role in the access are failure pleasure are angry, health and disease, prosperity, respects and disrespect, the peek time and down defamation, holy Quran belier of the triangular and reambition it create a vast positive effect of the stars and reflection of the stars and location bring the disrespect and disoplilty and opposite track of the live are caused.


due to this ambition the follower of bible worship and obaid the stars. they accept them as a god. To collect the buffets and survivals and anger and bidets of the stars they offers to many glories. They select the different colors to worship the stars and the different occions and they burn the different aliments to get the will of god.


Aim and the philosophical effects

The follower of the bible has reached at the peek through the wrishiping and the solidiarty of the stars in the religion and the which its example are avaible in the different parts of the history. The follower of the bible made their six different and stranger effect of magician in their capital city bible at the period Numrood. A man can strongly step-down to here the splendid acts of the kaldani.

The golden duck

The follower of the numrood prepared the duck which make a noise when and thief are accused inter in the city. That duck make a special noise that cause to catch the thief.

Drum and misplace things

The magician of that time had made a drum if the think of any person was misplace the person hit the person the voice arrive from the drum which appoint the place of misplace thing.

Misplace people and Mirror

A drum was made for misplace thing so on a mirror was perpeard by the kaladni for the search of misplace person. When a person of any family was lost he come infront of the mirror and it was very starnange that not only misplace person was appered on the mirror yet his location situation and the complete information appeared infont of them.

True and false water pool

The worship of the bible made a water pool in the office of the numrrod which was showes the different and shining things to make the decision. The true and false are right or wrong between the parties was declared through this water pool. The first qualify of the water pool was, the waster was come under the waste line which shows that man is on right. The second quality of the pool was the water was raised at the head level through this the accuse was near to die in the water. Through the pool right and wrong was declared in the suite. the third and interesting quality if someone accept his mistake and the right of other the water raised down and not to kill in the water.

Cocktail through pool

A special pool was prepared for the luxury which has the most strange qualities of the human being. There was a special day in the year when rulers and the most reselectable citizens of the cities come out from their houses keeping with their selected drinks and at the link of the pool to enjoy the picnic. Every person offers his drinks to the pool and so no the pool was fully mixed of drinks of the rich person of the different cities but we strange thing of pool was the people put their pot in the pool for the drinks he got his own drink which was mixed in the pool.

Strange shady tree

You have seen to many shady tree in your life these trees holding their shady like its volume but the magicians of kaldani made a tree for the meeting with the official of Numrood you will feel a heat to study of its qualities Kaldai jugular as fixed a such tree in the office of the Numrood which shad does not equal to its volume but it was increased and decreased as its people arrives and left yet if the one lake people arrives the shade of the tree will be increased in the same ratio there is no need for the pool of the shade.