Magic of primogeniture constrain
Magic on the life of primogeniturein this kind of magic the life of primogeniture is in danger,and if the baby born alive he will be dead after some time.Magic of fear & illusionon some people there is a such kind of magic that they feel fear every time.They suffer from unknown adversity. Droopiness like to weep 4 cry are the symptoms of this Magic
Magic of spouse looking 
Through the spell of magic hatred is created both in husband and wife that becomes the reason of separation. in the era of hazmat Suleiman there is a discussion about this kind of magic. Those people were use to do the magic of spouse loathing
.Magic of hate with home
if someone is under the spell of this magic he does not like to stay at home. he feels restlessness in his home but outside he feels relaxation. that is done because of hate.
Magic of stress and bitterness 
some time the victim person of this magic feel stress over his muscles,neck and shoulder due to this kind of magic.
Magic of illusion & Doubt.
on some people there is a magic of mentally illusion & doubt.
they suffer from different kinds of doubts. usually that is by the super natural powers.
Magic of incidents & Worries
sometime through this kind of magic people are evolved in different worries and incidents. the victim person may suffer from in tension and incidents.
Magic on the assets of bewitched.
in this kind of magic these types are added
1. composition of customer in this kind of magic shop,factory,showroom and other assets are target of victim. person in this case the customer is not satisfied in every situation so his business becomes down.
Magic of business loss
in this kind of magic the resources of income demolished. in such cases sometime machine becomes contaminated and sometime all the assess become defected in the factory. this happens in all the business
Wax dell and magic
Sometime the magician spells over the idol of wax and puts it on the fire. As the idols burns as soon as the victom person spelled over by the reaction. If it is done because of love then due to the heat of idol. He becomes restless. But if it is because of distraction and disease then he suffers from different kinds of disease.
It is the most dangerous act by the magician and under the spell of this the disorder person can be due in just few minutes