Perment cure
When it's clear that the patient is under the spell of magic or ghost then we cure it according to his name and through the Holy Quran. 
It is not necessary the patient can be any whare or any condition. 
When we start his treatment the patient feel relaxation in his body and mind. 
if The problem are by created by magic then its finished after some days and the happy life started. 
It is compulsory to come personally and not to wear any amulet. 
If the is spell of magic over house then the treatment is possible by the name of the people living in the house. 
If there is any medical problem then the patient can concern with our doctor. 
The patient dose not need to do any kind wzaif.
1There is no obstace of eating drinking during the  spiritual treatment. 
2 no probation to go and come in the house if dead person or in the place of birth.