Ghosts (jinnat) Can Change Their Faces

 as the  prophet P.B.U.H said  that ..............

Jinns are of three types 

  • Frist type is that they can fly 
  • Second  type is that they can appear in the faces of snakes and Dogs 
  • Third type is that they  can travel  from one place to another place just like khana badoosh.

in this hadith the three types which are described ,do not mean that  these are three separate types.since about these three types it is narrated that jinns can sometimes fly in the air,sometimes can take the faces of animals and other creations of the world and sometimes can stay and travel in their real creative state.Here comes an additional  talk that it is possible that our explanation could not satisfy a few qaraein .Thats why we are going to prove our explanation in the light of hadithes jinns in the face of snakes .

Hazrat Abu Saeed Khadree narrates that prophet P.b.u.h said that 

in madina some jinns have accepted Islam so if you see a snake in your house then warn it three times if still it does not appear than kill it (Al-Muslim) in this hadith Holy Prophet has narrated with surrahat  that jinns can come in the faces of snakes that why on  the appearance of a snake in the house he has told the people of madina that not to kill it at the first time maybe it is not  a snake and it is a jinn thats why first warn it three times that it does not scare us and irritate us and never appear again in front of us if it is a jinn and it is a good or gentle jinn he will appear in front of us after giving warning three times and if it is a roughneck jinn or not even a jinn it will not appear even fourth time if it appears fourth time than wether it is a jinn or wether it is a real snake than  kill it .in this hadith there is also a bright spot here that if the jinn appears in any face of any animal or any creation of world than it is very easy to kill it they can be killed by using the way in which that creation is killed of which they have taken the face 

2.Jinns in the face of dogs

Prophet P.B.U.H said to the sahaba that if a person is praying and a black dog crosses its path than its prayer is wasted sahabas asked that O ! Prophet P.B.U.H if a red or a white dog crosses the path it does not gets wasted  than why and what is the crime of black dog that when it crosses the prayer is wasted than Holy Prophet replied that ...................... black dog is shaitan (Sahih Muslim)
it means that from jinns shayateen jinns take the face of black dog and cross the way of the person which is praying by knowing and understanding everything so that his prayer is wasted this hadith does not means that every black dog is a shaitan.

3.Jinns in The Face of Humans 

the people which have studied seerat tafseer and hadith know that on the  occasion of war of badar shaitan came in the face of an arab chief suraqah bin malik with the mushrikine makkah to the field of badar and was continously in their advises but also kept on motivating them pointing towards this it is narrated that .
and remember that when shaitan showed them (mushrikine makkah )thier bad deeds as good and said today none can over come you and i am also with you but when in the badar according to the promise of allah angels were send for the help of faithful people he got frightened and left the mushrikeen e makkah ,

it is narrated that when both armies were standing in front of them in their lines then he ran away backwards and started saying that i have no relation with you i can see that you cannot see and i fear allah hazrat abdullah bin abbas narrated that on the day of battle of badar shaitan came in the face of suraqah bin malik bin jaisham and in the face of people of bani madlaj with his own army and own flag and said to mushrikine makkah that these muslims cannot take victory upon you and i am also with you when he was giving courage to the mushrikines hazrat jibrael concentrated towards him when shaitan looked at him his hand was in a mushriks hand so he at the spot left his hand and ran away asfast as he could when shaitan left his hand and ran away than he shouted that suraqah you are our helper ... than why are you running,,