Actions of a spell
The aim of the sorcerer or the person who engages in magic is to target the life or wealth. In this way there are two basic types of magic. But the branches ahead of this are so wide that they have to be dealt as different branch of magic. The healer should treat the life and all the things that are connected with life of the effected differently as compared to his/her wealth and all the things connected with it.
Magic on the affecters’ life
The magic in which a person is targeted can be categorized into following types.
Death by Magic: In this there is a grave threat to the persons’ life. There is possibility of death if the effected person isn’t treated on time.
Disease by Magic: In this the effected person is surrounded by different diseases. As soon as they treat the first disease symptoms of other disease start to emerge.
Select Illness: In this the person is effected by a special/selective disease. In this the patients’ medical test are ought to be cleared but the person is in fact effected by that disease. If the effected person isn’t treated spiritually then he/she cannot be healed by any other medicine.
Nazifs’ Magic: In this the effected women have never ending menstrual period. All hormones related medicine become useless in this state.
Magic to Disturb days (menstrual days): Some females’ menstrual days are closed by magic, which creates complications and difficulties in their physical system. Intestines and back tends to pain, the body starts to swell and if not treated then the effected can start to grow hair like men. The biggest problem of this is that it can lead to problems in childbearing.
Resistance in Marriage: Some people who are effected by this magic have resistance or blockage in their marriages, which upon neglect can lead to future problems. Sometimes they don’t find proper suitors. Or sometimes if they ever find a suitor then they reject the marriage proposal without any reason. Or sometimes even engagements are broken off right before marriage without a proper reason.
Closure of children: Some people get jealous of one another causing them to cast a spell which results in closure in children. Which leads to no pregnancy at all, or if the women is able to conceive then the child dies in the womb or in some cases such complications occur which sometimes can lead to doctors aborting the child.
Magic on the life of children: This type of magic acts in certain way that if a child is born to effected parents then child isn’t able to live.
Magic of fear and anxiety: Some people are effected by such magic that causes an intense fear of the unknown and anxiety on them. They are in a constant state of unrest causing which can even lead to crying, such are the symbols of this type of magic
Magic of hardships: Sometimes some of the problems and tragedies are imposed through magic. Everyday a new problem comes face-to-face; every other day the effected person faces some kind of accidents.
Magic to cause hate between spouses: This magic causes hate for his wife in the husbands’ heart and vice versa which can grow and lead to cause a divorce.
In the Quran, Allah has said that those people learned such magic which caused difference between husband and wife.
Closure in manly strength: Sometimes, the husband is effected by this type of magic. If this is the case then whenever the husband approaches his wife then he starts to feel weak and his manly strength starts to go down but when he is away from her then he starts to feel healthy again.
Magic of hatred: This disease is also the most common. They take pleasure in spreading hatred in brothers, in their wives, business partners, and other people with whom they are related to.
Spell to hate ones’ own home: If your aim is to drive someone out of their house then this spell is done. Whenever the person enters his/her home he starts to panic but whenever they are out of their home they feel fine.
Magic for stress and pain: Sometimes the person feels pressure on the muscles, the neck, the head.
Magic on ones’ thinking: Some people are effected by such magic which disrupts their ability to think clearly. They like to spend more time in the bathroom and tend to empty the water tank. Whenever they start to wash their hands they spend hours there.
Magic on wealth: There is another type of magic in which the wealth is targeted. And by this magic a person becomes worried and poor. Generally, the following types of spells are included in this:
The magic of customer closure: This type of spell is done on shops, factory, showroom, which results in less or no customers visiting this store etc. If a customer mistakenly enters the shop then he/she won’t but anything, they may become stressed and may start to panic and eventually leave the shop. In this spell it is also seen that if the effected wants to sell something on a lower price than the market even then no one will buy it.
Business closure: The second attack on business closure is that the person does not feel comfortable in his shop, factory, workroom workshop etc. Whenever they are at their business they start to feel burdened causing them to panic and eventually leave their work which gives them a sense of comfort.
Loss without reason: This type is more dangerous than the other two because less customers or feeling uncomfortable at work won’t be of much loss as compared to loss which is incurred by this spell. The effected person will start receiving low quality goods which in return will cause huge loss without reasons.
In the first two there wasn’t any loss of money because it was recovered somehow, but this causes quite a loss because money is not recovered. Sometimes the machinery will get damaged or the goods produced would be damaged which will cause quite a lot of loss.