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Condition from the diagnosis

Allah is the only phenomenon of all real and complete knowledge. But human knowledge is limited, we know only the best owed knowledge. We only diagnosis and cure for magic not any other action. It is not tolled about the victom person. The real reason of your dises and wory is tolled according to holy Quran. Your are responsible is order to give wrong information about yourself and wrong diagnosis. The deaf, dum and blind by birth are not curseable.

NOTE advance payment of diagnostic is necessary

Condition of cure

Allah is the only one who gives health shaf. We are responsible to demolish the effects of magic and problems related to it if the magic is not time taken.

1. Medical cure is necessory if there is an medical disease.

2. Every thing is in the hold of Allah if a woman's age is over to give birth or if there is any medical problem in both man and woman but there or unable for reproduction.

3. if there is spearaction or marriage due to magic

4. if there is any financial lose due to magic it will not be repeated after cure by the will of Allah.

5. if the age limit is over or the are some other medical issues we will not be responsible.

6. if the patient is deaf, blind and psycho by birth.

7. if the patient is between the hurdule of death.

8. any kind of loss that is beyond the reach of human power.

9. Spiritual treatment is done by the name of patient without any amulet.

10. If the victom person rude and the magic is due to domestic problem.

11. If the victom person is interested in magic personly or to spell over by someone..

12. If the business is finished and have no financial surce that are nassery for business and its rules and needs.

Note: fee for cure is different to every patient and it would be according to the disease.

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