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Shifa Ali (online service of diagnostic and cure) This online service is for those people who can not come to the medicator from far away and for those who do not want to share thair problems with others. This service is started for those people who want to know the solution of thair worries directly from pcsercriber and within complete privacy. In this service we diagnose with the help of holy Quran. And the result come 99% by the grace of Allah.This service is best in order to save yourself from the fake palmists and magicians. This service is started from 2003 and people are getting benefit from different caintries people are living success life by getting this service and by liking it.

  • Our mission is to keep our society free from magic by the grace of Allah.
  • To protect the people from the intengle of fake magicians and toe (peer).
  • To give the solution of problems through the Holy Quran.
  • To save the time and money of people by telling them the real reason and solutions of their problem.
  • To help the poor and needy people.
  • To call the people towards right way.
  • To prevent other by doing magic and apply it on other.
  • To spend this service to every one in this world so that one can get benefits.