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Jinn or negative evil and forces (ghosts) are some super powers which exists in the middle layer between earth and sky. Some people denies the existence of jins but medical science has also accepted the existence of jins. The existence of Jinn in Islam is also proved and Allah has said in Quran which is written in summary that
Light was used to create angles and fire was used to create jinn, and Aaadm means human was created by using the mud which was described you before. (Reported by Muslim, 5314)

Types of Jinns

Before discussing the types of jins I want to make an argument for clearing the idea of existence of Jinns in Islam. As some people use to claim that there is no effect of jin on humans and they do not interrupt the regular life of jin. They use to say that all the problems and diseases that are felt by the person and not shown in any medical test report are the result of only tensions and regular stress not the effect of Jin. Then I would like to ask question that who do not suffer tension and stress in this world? Every person in this world nowadays is suffering from stress and problems then why they do not have these kinds of problems? If the disease is not shown in any medical test report then for what purpose medical doctors use to give medicines to the patients? Hence it is very necessary to go to a perfect spiritual therapist who have enough knowledge related to all kinds of spiritual issues.

Some spiritual therapist also says that it is related to psychological problem because they are not proper spiritual therapists and do not have enough knowledge. In fact they misguides people and confuse them more. There are some symptoms of Jinns are discussed in below which were solved after proper treatment and these symptoms of Jinns can be very helpful for you to identify your problem. There are two ways which are used by Jinns for teasing people the secret way and other is openly. In secret way Jinn do not comes in front but they are inside the person and person do not feels it but faces different kinds of problems and issues frequently. The second one is the existence of human and person also feels it.

Symptoms of Jinns

  • Having extreme fragrance or smell at home suddenly.
  • Victim feels pressure on shoulders, head and back.
  • Victim have a feeling that someone is following them even frequently they starts looking back for checking but as a result no one use to be there
  • Watching different shapes of Jinns in nightmares even watching jinns and churails in real life which is an example of open existence of jinns.
  • Stealing or misplacement of money, gold jewellery and other important things.
  • Feeling extreme cold or pressure at body at a specific time while passing or walking at home.
  • Feeling of something walking in upstairs and downstairs.
  • Having frequent voices and sounds of someone walking or running at rooftop and sometimes like someone is stretching beds
  • Having frequent sounds of utensils of kitchen at late night or having different fragrances of cooking at late night
  • Having feeling of going someone behind or in front as well as feeling of looking someone from the back of windows or curtains
  • Having multiple drops of blood on curtains, sofa sets, bedsheets, clothes and walls. This can be because of Black Magic also.
  • Having multiple cuts at clothes after washing or placing them properly in cupboards. Sometimes having different holes or spots of burns at clothes, curtains or different things. This can also be because of Black Magic.
  • Having a feeling of freezing the body as not able to utter a single word, stream or move while sleeping and in the meantime get able to move
  • Watching dogs, wolfs, loins and monkeys frequently in nightmares. 
  • Feeling extreme pressure at body or a specific part of body while sleeping or sometimes while getting ready for sleep. This can be because of having an effect of Black Magic.
  • Having a feeling that some is trying to awakening the person by putting pressure on hands or feet.
  • Hearing your name from the sound of a person who is sleeping or is not available at home.
  • Some women have a feeling of jumping a cat or some other animal like the size of this at the tummy 
  • Getting extreme anger at a simple thing frequently even eyes gets red because of anger.
  • Sometimes women gets extreme hate for their husbands and they do not like them to come near. Frequently they use to feel that someone else is sleeping on their beds and they use to have multiple nightmares which are unable to be described to anybody and sometimes they gets nightmares which describe the condition why do they hate their husbands. This is because of some very bad churails and jinnat.
  • Feeling of laziness and diseases at home while going out at the same time makes them happy and perfect even if the animal is at that home then that animal will also be sick and very weak. This is because of victimized and haunted place by jinnat.
  • Victim gets huge amount of power that many people altogether cannot stop or pick him. It happens when a jinn is in the person or by the effect of jinnat.
  • Having no child or getting death of child immediately after birth.
  • Misplacement of things automatically.
  • Having multiple injuries on children or unnecessary wishes of them.
  • Unnecessary laziness or sadness at home is the sign of victimized and haunted place by jinnat.
  • Getting away from Allah and feeling laziness while offering prayers, fast or dong any other Islamic deed.
  • Having negative thoughts for Allah and His prophet.
  • Having fire at home suddenly.                                                                                                                                                                                             
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