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There are different opinions and sayings of people regarding the question of “what is magic”, “what is the history of magic” and “how does Magic solution came into existence”. It is seen that the use of magic was started from ancient times as many followers of different prophets like Mosa, Ibrahim, Muhammad SAWW and others use to say in the start that they are just doing some kinds of magic and there is nothing else in their Miracles. Hence the exact date of using the Magic solution for the first time is unknown as well as no one is aware about the person who used it for the first time.

We can say that magic is just related to a supernatural act which has positive and negative impacts on human. For doing negative impacts black magic is used and for positive impacts, spiritual knowledge is used for doing magic. In Quran Allah says which is mentioned in the summary below

All the cords and rods of those people were imagined and came in mind in a way like they were running here and there because of magic. (Surat Taha (20), Verse 66)

Another verse Allah said which is described Magic solution in summary in below

Hence, whenever they do magic they use to deceive the eyes of different people and frightened them, by doing so they use to create little kind of amusement and enchantment. (Suratul A'raf (7), Verse 116)

Magic in the eyes of Islam

If we see deeply then we come to know that doing practice and learning of magic is prohibited in Islam. We will discuss some sayings of Imams which are also supported by authentic books like the Quran. Once Imam Ali (a.s) said which is expressed in summary in below

The person who use to learn black magic even a little bit or all the black magic, use to become an unbeliever of his religion and all the association of him with Allah and his religion becomes completely served.

It can be observed that if someone is using magic for the purpose of ending the effects of negative magic like black magic or for the peacefulness and positive tasks then there is nothing bad in it.

Prophet Suleman’s Powers

There were numerus powers allotted to Prophet Sulaiman over Jinn, mankind and other creatures. Satan was not happy by this hence he wanted to deprive him. Consequently, one day according to regular practice, Sulaiman gave his ring to a women whose name was Al-Jaradah. Satan took advantage and came in front of the women in the form of Suleman and asked her to give back that ring. She gave back to Him and Satan become the holder. When Prophet Suleman came to her for getting back that ring then that women thought he is imposing something now. Prophet Suleman understood that it is a test from Allah Almighty now.

Quran’s verses and explanation on the history of black magic

In Quran Allah said which is in summary in below

With the help of these two angles who are Harut and Marut people use to learn magic from them which is used to make separation between husband and his wife. (Surah Al-Baqarah, 2:102).

Hence it is observed that these angles means Harut and Marut’s magic which can be used for doing separation between husband and wife and bring hate between them instead of love and affection. Satan has certain powers which can be used in the form of black magic for doing harm to mankind but it is prohibited in Islam. For ending the effect of these kinds of magic Allah has provided us multiple verses and Azkhar which can be used. These verses and azkhar are used by spiritual therapists like us for doing treatment of magic and Jinnat.

Symptoms of black magic

If black magic is done for any purpose but it may put different kinds of negative impacts on daily routine life of a person as well as on his health. It badly effect the healthy working of mind and emotions. There are some symptoms of black magic are mention below if you are facing any of it you must consider a proper successful spiritual therapist for getting proper treatment on time without wasting time and money.

  • Feeling multiple pains at different parts of body mostly back pain, headache and shoulders pain
  • Frequent fiver, madness and different kinds of allergy on skin
  • Stomach pain, joints problem, muscles pain
  • Memory loss
  • Getting weak eye sides
  • Chest pain, heart pain, pain in legs and arms
  • Negative thoughts
  • Irregular periods
  • Multiple miscarriages
  • Anxiety
  • Hair fall


If you are facing any problem mentioned in above or any related disease then you should take it serious and get medical check-up and if doctors finds nothing in medical test reports then you should visit a successful spiritual therapist for getting Magic solution. These symptoms can not only harm you physically but it can also put negative impacts on your thinking powers and emotions. It can make you physically weak as well. We are providing our services successfully from previous 15 years. We have done Magic solution of many people related to different kinds of problems of black magic.