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There are two types of epilepsy, once comes because of evil and negative forces and second type is because of bad mixtures of some chemicals which is physical epilepsy. It is seen that many doctors discuss second type and explains about causes of epilepsy and epilepsy treatment.

It is also admitted by expert doctors that epilepsy can be a result of some evil forces and it exists. The treatment of epilepsy of this type is not possible with the help of medicines. This type of epilepsy treatment is only possible through some spiritual therapists.

Ata bin Rabab narrated in Sahihain that one day Abdullah Ibn Abbas came to me and said that should I tell you something about a women that is from the people of Jannah? I told him to tell me about her and he said, the black women that came to Prophet Muhammad SAWW and asked Him, I use to suffer seizures and fits of epilepsy in which I sue to take off my clothes. Can you please invoke Allah on the behalf of me? Prophet Muhammad SAWW said, if you want you can be some patient and maybe Allah give you Jannah and if you want I can supplicate to Allah for your cure.

That women replied to Him that should I observe patience rather than asking for cure. And later on she said that I use to keep taking off all my clothes when I faces seizures so please supplicate to Allah for my cure so that I should stop doing it. Prophet Muhammad SAWW supplicate to Allah for her.

Symptoms of Epilepsy

It is also said that epilepsy can never be happen by only a magic it is a form of a result of evil and negative forces such as ghosts. This type of ailment is more common to be in women. By appearance the person who is having this ailment use to be looked perfect but day by day she use to get weaker. There are some symptoms of epilepsy and seizures which are mentioned in below.

  • Feeling heat exaction in unconsciousness
  • Having jerks in unconsciousness
  • Having fits mostly by getting near to water
  • Having no energy in body
  • Uncontrollable jerks in whole body
  • Staying unconscious for longer periods of time

There are different kind of seizures actions which are occurred and they are varied by person to person. This ailment need a proper quick treatment because it removes all the blood from the body and provides help in making the patient more weak.


If these kinds of symptoms are seen in people then they should must concern a doctor but if the problem is not getting solved then you should must visit a spiritual therapist for treatment. If you have visited a doctor and not getting any benefit you should must visit a spiritual healer and start a epilepsy treatment along with taking medical medicines. Because all the medical treatment can only be beneficial if the aftereffects of negative forces are ended otherwise all the medicines will be of no use and nothing will be seen in all the medical tests reports.

We are providing treatment of different types of seizures and if patient is not getting any positive change in their condition we can provide money back facility also. You can get in touch with us through website and can arrange a personal meeting after taking appointment for getting the best treatment. We are providing our services for you to get back in your happy life and daily routine.